Olive Oil and Lesvos


Olive oil and Lesvos. There are not many cases when a product is so much correlated with a place.

The olive oil of Lesvos is considered to be one of the best not only domestically but also internationally. There are good reasons for that: There are eleven million olive trees on the island of Lesvos. This is a unique world record. Lesvos is a region that produces olive oil since the ancient years. According to historical sources, the systematic cultivation of olives in Lesvos started in the first millennium B.C. In addition, archaeological findings as well as testimonials of ancient writers indicate that the spread of the cultivation of olive trees in Greece coincides with the passage to a superior cultural level. During the Venetian era in Lesvos, the Genuates of Gatelouzos contributed even further to the development of the olive oil economy in Lesvos, by granting a gold coin for each olive tree that was planted. As years passed by, the cultivation and trade of olive oil became a crucial factor towards the economical development of the island. Indeed, the olive oil variety that is produced in Lesvos is unique and exceptional.

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