The Olive Oil in Greece and on Lesvos island


As the most valuable product of the Greek land, the olive fruit is inextricably linked with the history of the Mediterranean, and owes its cultivation and maturation to the beneficial influence of the Mediterranean climate.

The renowned Greek virgin olive oil, which Homer termed “liquid gold”, has gained international reputation as being the most flavorsome and healthiest type of olive oil. Its rich flavor encompasses all of the purity of nature and the care and attention of its producer, who patiently waits for the olive fruit to mature in the autumn months in order to provide consumers with pure virgin olive oil.

It occupies a central position in the Mediterranean diet both because of its outstanding flavour and its high nutritional value. While Greece is famous for the quality of its olive oil, the country’s finest olive oil is to be found on the Aegean island of Lesvos. It is as gold as the sunlight that brings the olive fruit to life and that bestows to it its beneficial effects and unquestionable goodness.

In an area generously blessed with the gifts of nature, the 10 million olive trees that are scattered across the island endow the local population with the precious, Lesvian olive oil - a produce that bears a piece of the history of the island as, already in ancient times, it played a central part in the economic development of Lesvos. Today, the olive oil of Lesvos makes up 20% of the country’s annual olive oil production: the 100 thousand tons of olives being harvested on the island each year produce 25 to 30 thousand tons of olive oil of outstanding quality.

With its dynamic presence in the Greek and the international olive oil market, the multi award-winning Lesbian olive oil incorporates outstanding dietary components and can be considered a treasure chest of flavour. Its low acidity, light taste and luscious aroma have transformed it into one of Lesvos’s most highly-prized products, a fact that has led the E.U. to recognize extra virgin olive oil as a Product of a Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.).

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