Imam Bayildi Special

I have probably said this a lot of times by now, but in my country, Summer is a long story. So long, that starts from around April and ends at November! For some of you this might sounds like amazing, but for us the Greeks, who live summer nearly 300 days a year, this is quite frustrating.
(yes, it is!!!)

Temperatures rise up to 45ºC/113ºF, we get humidity, is hard to get around because everything is like ‘burning’, our tub water is so hot that we can’t even have a proper cold shower, we pay a lot of electricity for the air condition units that work 24/7, many grocery are hard to survive due to the high temperatures and we even carry our grocery into small fridge bags packed with ice, making our daily routine harder. PLUS, we miss a proper and long winter. Like the one Canada have. Or England. This long summer, drives us to invent new recipes or remember traditional recipes that have been created by our ancestors to make our living easier, with fewer ingredients, basic ingredients, vegan ingredients and tasty simple side dishes. And Imam Bayildi is definitely, one of them.

Imam Bayildi is based on vegan ingredients. Its main ingredients are potatoes and eggplants, while pure virgin Greek olive oil, onions, garlic, ripe grated tomatoes and fresh flat Cypriot parsley is complementing the dish. Imam bayildi is strictly vegetarian and easy to make and locals, call it Imam. Its origins, are believed to be Turkish. In Cyprus and Greece, we serve Imam with tzatziki or Greek yogurt and plenty of bread.


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