Sapfo EVOO, Papadellis

An extra virgin oil with a unique taste from Mytilene, which is traditionally renowned for the subtle and slightly aromatic olive oil.

Babis Papadellis' Interview on Humanstories


Charalambos Papadellis company, based on Mytilene, is an exceptional case of a Greek company, which sets the grounds, in a steady pace, for the best possible utilization of our national product. During the last years, the company standardises an extra virgin olive oil, extracted from local olive varieties of Lesvos , which exports to other countries, and this year it has made the big step towards the best possible standardisation.

Today, the new extra olive oil Sapfo is available in its impressive packaging and the delicious flavor. Sapfo olive oil is named after the emblematic poet of Lesvos and its packaging highlights in a dynamic way, the exceptional content. In addition, the woven net, similar to the one used by the women of Lesvos in the ancient years, links the past with the present.

As far as the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product are concerned, Sapfo Olive Oil possesses one of the most intense, full bodied and fruity flavor I have ever tasted, equivalent to that of the best olive oils worldwide. Following that, the flavor of Sapfo Olive Oil becomes modestly sharp and slightly bitter while the final flavor that completes the identity of the olive oil is that of grass, olive oil's leaves and green pepper.

Possessing such a fruity flavor, this olive oil is highly recommended for all kinds of vegetable salads and baked dishes.

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